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United Kingdom's embassies worldwide (choose a letter):

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British High Commission in Victoria, Seychelles

URL: WEB-site

British High Commission in Singapore, Singapore

URL: http://www.britain.org.sg/

British Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia

URL: http://www.britishembassy.sk/

British Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia

URL: http://www.british-embassy.si/

British High Commission and Consulate General in South Africa

URL: http://www.britain.org.za/

British Embassy in Seoul, South Korea

URL: http://www.britishembassy.or.kr/english/

British Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden

URL: http://www.britishembassy.se/

British Embassy in Bern, Switzerland

URL: http://www.britain-in-switzerland.ch/index2.htm

Consulates and Embassies in Houston, Texas.

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