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News - 13 Nov 2012

Russian planes bombs liberated town on Turkish border

A Russian-made Assadite fighter jet bombed a liberated area near the Turkish border, killing at least six Muslims and wounding a dozen others, while a rocket propelled grenade also landed inside Turkey

WHITE REVOLUTION. There`s been important change for Putin

It`s not going fast, but that is good, because fast can be dangerous. There`s been an important change. He no longer makes any effort to appeal to educated people

PUTIN`S HEALTH. "Putin just sneezed, and country already partying"

Moscow-based anti-Putin English newspaper MÓscow Times reported on the situation in Russia in connection with the deteriorating of Putin`s health

Kadyrov reproaches Turkey through his assistant for confiscating his gold

The so-called "commissioner for Human Rights in Chechnya" Nurdi Nukhazhiyev called "a provocation by the Turkish authorities" the detention of the adviser of the ringleader of Chechen minions Amruddi[...]

KATYN 2. Moscow apartment buildings bombings denouncer Felshtinsky: Poles survived in Smolensk disaster finished off

A large Polish Catholic newspaper Kresy and an opposition portal niezalezna.pl published an article on November 10 "Felshtinsky about

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