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Montana Real Estate Big Sky Country Sat - Aug, 13 2022

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Montana is known as Big Sky Country for the wide-open spaces you can find there. Fortunately, Montana real estate is inexpensive enough to make it a good relocation spot.


Montana has some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. With towering mountain ranges, wide-open prairies and absolutely stunning national parks, the state truly fits the “big sky” moniker. With the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park, the state is world wide attraction for outdoor enthusiasts looking to hike, mountain climb, camp, fish, ski and just get away from it all. If you’re tired of living in neighborhood where the homes are two feet from each other, Montana offers a respite.


A railroad town, Billings is considered a big city in Montana. Sitting below 400 foot sandstone cliffs, the big town is tucked into a prairie area and provides a good base camp for the rest of the state. The atmosphere in the town is definitely one with a country and western theme. The downtown area has seen redevelopment efforts, but the town still retains a hard working railroad influence. A good place to raise a family, but you can do better in Montana.


Bozeman is a slice of heaven located roughly 90 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Set in the end of a lush valley, the town has a picket fence feel and is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges peaked with snow throughout the year. If you like to get out and explore nature, the town is centrally located to some of the best hiking and fishing in the country. Although things aren’t out of control yet, Bozeman has become a bit of a hot spot for celebrities. It is nothing like Aspen, Colorado, but buyer beware.

Montana Real Estate

Montana real estates prices are surprisingly reasonable given the spectacular scenery in the state. Obviously, cold winters turn away some people, but the scenery is a feast for the eyes even in winter. Anyway, a single family home in Billings will cost $145,000 on average while the same home in Bozeman will run in the $280,000 range.

The appreciation rate for Montana real estate was a robust 12.5 percent for 2005. Put another way, the secret appears to be getting out.

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