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Pound Surges as BOE's Carney Hints at Rate Rise
The pound jumped after Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney said interest rates in the U.K. may need to rise if the economy keeps motoring despite weak consumer spending.
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Global Bonds Gyrate as Investors Decipher ECB's Next Move
Global government bonds and the euro whipsawed as investors struggled to parse signals from central banks on when they could unwind the massive stimulus programs that have underpinned markets.
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Macron Outlines Plans to Overhaul France's Labor Laws
The French president, who campaigned for president on a platform of labor reform, says changes to employment regulations are needed to reinvigorate the country’s economy.
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Companies Try to Contain Fallout From Global Cyberattack
Global firms scrambled to cope with fallout from a cyberattack that disrupted computers across Europe and the U.S. A.P. Moeller-Maersk A/S, the world’s biggest container-ship operator, closed many of its ports.
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Merkel Opens Way for Vote on Gay Marriage
German lawmakers cleared the way for an early vote to legalize same-sex marriage after Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her opposition to it, a move that frustrated some conservatives but deprived her opponents of a possible campaign issue.
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Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion EU Fine Over Search Results
The European Union’s antitrust regulator fined Alphabet’s Google a record $2.71 billion for favoring its own comparison-shopping service in search results.
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Scotland Delays Plan for Second Independence Referendum
Scotland’s chief minister reversed her earlier plans to push for a second independence referendum before Britain departs the European Union, saying instead she would revisit the issue once Brexit negotiations are completed.
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Bank of England Orders Banks to Boost Capital
The Bank of England ordered banks to build thicker capital cushions in the months ahead to protect the U.K. financial system from risks ranging from Brexit to China to booming consumer borrowing.
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Senior Ukrainian Intelligence Officer Killed by Bomb in Kiev
A senior Ukrainian military intelligence officer was killed when a bomb detonated under his car in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said, in an act the government is treating as terrorism.
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Europe's Brexit Negotiator Urges U.K. to Show 'More Ambition' on EU Citizens' Rights
The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator called on the U.K. to show “more ambition” in protecting the rights of EU citizens following the U.K.’s departure from the bloc after London laid out detailed proposals on the issue.
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Bungled Attacks, Small Operations Signal New Phase in Terror
Two fouled-up attacks in Europe in recent days signal a shift to a less organized strain of Islamist terror that involves a growing number of assailants determined to kill with any means at hand.
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Trump---and Merkel's Response to Him---Is Issue in German Election
Germany’s main center-left political party on Sunday attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel for what its leaders said was a failure to stand up to President Donald Trump, signaling that the U.S. relationship will be a hot issue ahead of the national election here.
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How Earthquakes Are Rattling a Dutch Province Atop One of the World's Richest Gas Troves
To limit earthquakes, the Dutch government has for years been imposing increasingly strict production limits at Groningen, Europe’s biggest gas field, and is now proposing another 10% cut.
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Number of U.K. High-Rises Failing Fire-Safety Checks Increases
U. K. authorities raised to 60 the number of residential towers in England that have failed fire-safety checks triggered by the lethal blaze in a London high-rise earlier this month.
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High-Rises Across England Fail Safety Checks
U.K. authorities said that 34 high-rises across England have failed fire-safety checks triggered by the lethal fire in a London residential tower earlier this month, as concerns grow over the safety of residents in social housing.
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Cyberattack Targets U.K. Parliament
The U.K. Parliament on Saturday said a cyberattack targeting user email accounts hit its computer network.
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May's Offer on Citizens' Rights Draws Tepid EU Reaction
British Prime Minister Theresa May got a lukewarm response to her proposal on the post-Brexit rights of EU citizens in the U.K., with both sides acknowledging that significant differences will need ironing out.
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Fire Safety Fears Lead to Evacuation of Some Public Housing in London
Some 800 households are being moved from five residential towers in north London after the buildings failed to pass fire safety checks prompted by last week’s lethal blaze in a public housing high-rise.
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Macron's EU Agenda Meets Stiff Resistance
French President Emmanuel Macron’s bid to revitalize the European Union is bumping into longstanding divisions over trade, with countries that depend on Chinese cash resisting his push to scrutinize foreign investments.
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Britain Shouldn't Mistake Brexit Talks for Poker or War
The U.K. government’s apparent conviction that it can bluff its way to success in negotiations with the EU—or prevail with a last-minute, D-Day-style deception—reveals a fundamental misunderstanding, Stephen Fidler writes.
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