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Spain Ties Attacks to Broad Terror Network
Authorities said they unearthed evidence that a broad network spanning four towns and involving a dozen suspects carried out the terror attacks in Spain, raising concerns that Islamic State is still capable of orchestrating coordinated assaults despite major losses in Syria and Iraq.
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Barcelona Attack Shows Limits of Security Efforts
Spain toughened its antiterrorism strategy after a deadly 2004 assault on Madrid’s train station and intensified its approach in 2015, but Thursday’s attack in the heart of Barcelona underscores the limitations of such efforts.
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Barcelona Area Is Latest Tourist Spot Targeted
When a terrorist’s van rammed pedestrians in Las Ramblas, it struck one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
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Post-Brexit Trade Rules as Murky as Ever for U.K.
New British proposals over ‚Äėfrictionless trade‚Äô in goods leaves both exporters and importers in a quandary.
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Despite Growth, Many in Europe Still Lack Steady Jobs
In many corners of Europe, the recession cost millions their jobs and, since then, many have remained unemployed with little hope of finding new ones, despite an economic turnaround.
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Eurozone Surplus Suggests Economy Is Unfazed by Strong Euro
The eurozone’s trade surplus widened in June, an indication that the euro’s recent rise against other major currencies has yet to hinder economic growth.
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Eurozone Growth Spreads, Helped by Dutch, Italian Economies
The eurozone’s recovery was more rapid than first estimated in the three months to June as a pickup that started in Germany and Spain has spread to other parts of the currency area, aiding a comeback that is proving vital to the world economy.
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U.K. to Rule Out Extending EU Customs Area to Northern Ireland
The U.K. will on Wednesday rule out extending the European Union‚Äôs customs area to encircle Northern Ireland after Brexit, saying such a move wouldn‚Äôt be ‚Äúconstitutionally or economically viable.‚ÄĚ
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U.K. Jobless Rate Hits 42-Year Low
The unemployment rate in the U.K. fell to its lowest level in more than 40 years in June, while the number of European Union nationals working in Britain hit a record high.
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U.K. Proposes Broad Customs Deal With EU After Brexit
The U.K. government proposed a customs arrangement with the European Union that it said would eliminate the need for border checks on imports and exports after Brexit.
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German Economic Growth Robust Despite Slowdown
Germany maintained its solid economic performance, despite an unexpected yet mild slowdown in the second quarter.
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U.K. Is Open to Temporary Customs Union With EU
The U.K. government will formally signal it is open to creating a temporary customs union with the EU after Brexit as it prepares for fresh talks on its separation from the bloc later this month.
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Aid Groups Halt Mediterranean Rescues
Humanitarian groups suspended migrant search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean over concerns their ships are threatened by the Libyan Coast Guard after it asserted authority last week in international waters off its coast.
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In German Election Campaign, Third Place Is the Real Winner
Chancellor Angela Merkel looks like a sure bet to win a fourth term. But the more important race is between four smaller parties‚ÄĒand the outcome is likely to determine the makeup of Germany‚Äôs political direction for the next four years.
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What's Really Behind the Eurozone's Economic Turnaround
Many economists may have underestimated the role of improvements to the supply side of the eurozone economy. And there are still plenty of supply side measures at both eurozone and national level that could improve actual and potential growth, writes Simon Nixon.
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The Secret of Soccer's Best Super-Sub
Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud is the rare soccer player whose most dangerous position is starting every game on the bench.
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U.S. Builds Presence in Europe, Despite 'America First' Rhetoric
On the outskirts of a small town, the U.S. is spending $1 billion on what one general calls the most ambitious medical construction project the military has ever undertaken. The hospital sends a message, U.S. military officials say: Europe is a vital ally, even in the age of ‚ÄúAmerica First.‚ÄĚ
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Eggs Contaminated With Insecticide Found in EU and Hong Kong
Sixteen countries in Europe as well as Hong Kong received eggs contaminated with banned insecticide fipronil, the European Union’s executive branch said Friday.
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Ten Years Later, Younger Workers Still Endure Costs of the Crisis
The greatest legacy of the past 10 years has been a dramatic rise in intergenerational inequality, writes Simon Nixon. The older generations were spared the costs of the financial crisis while those of working age have seen very little increase in their income or wealth.
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French Police Arrest Suspect in Hit-and-Run Attack
Authorities arrested a man suspected of ramming a car into a group of soldiers in a suburb of the French capital, police officials said, potentially ending the manhunt in a case that prosecutors are treating as an act of terrorism.
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