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Fugitive Spurs Worries Over New Brussels Terror Attack
U.S. and Belgian officials have grown increasingly concerned about the prospect that a key figure behind the 2016 Brussels bombings is plotting a new terror attack, according to people briefed on the investigation.
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The Cult of Erdogan Won't Guarantee Victory in Turkey Vote
Turkish opinion polls suggest a deadlock among likely voters in an April 16 referendum over proposed changes that would radically remake Turkey’s democracy and could allow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to extend his rule.
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Former IRA Commander Martin McGuinness Dies Aged 66
Martin McGuinness, the former Irish Republican Army commander who led the paramilitary movement toward reconciliation with Britain, and was the deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, has died.
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EU Leaders to Hold Special Brexit Summit in Late April
European Council President Donald Tusk has asked European Union leaders, excluding British Prime Minister Theresa May, to meet on April 29 to discuss Brexit.
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U.K. Inflation Hits Three-Year High, Exceeding BOE's Target
U.K. consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in nearly 3½ years in February, spurred by the pound’s steep depreciation in the wake of last year’s vote to leave the European Union.
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Germany Fires Back at U.S. Criticism Over Trade
Germany’s top economic officials defended the nation’s giant foreign surpluses, pushing back against the new U.S. administration’s criticism of German trade policy.
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U.K. Leader Now Faces Toughest Brexit Test Yet
With a date for formal EU talks set, Prime Minister Theresa May, who has embraced being “bloody difficult,” brings uncompromising style to a two-year bargaining session.
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Labor Reforms Threaten to Derail Greek Talks
Eurozone finance ministers discussed the impasse in Greece’s talks with creditors on Monday, but no breakthrough emerged on the latest conflict that threatens to derail a bailout deal: workers’ rights.
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U.K. Trade Policy After Brexit Must Reckon With Gravity
To boost trade after Brexit, the U.K. will have to grapple with a powerful force: gravity. Economists have for decades observed that the volume of trade between economies is tightly linked to their size and proximity.
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Paris Airport Attack Puts Focus on Check-In Security
The attack at Paris’s second-largest airport, in which a man seized a soldier’s gun before being shot dead, comes at a time of heightened security concerns at such departure points for international travelers.
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Treasury's Mnuchin Fends Off Push to Reject Protectionism
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin rebuffed a concerted push by world finance chiefs to disavow protectionism, fanning fears that the Trump administration’s pursuit of an “America First” policy could ignite global trade conflicts.
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Trump Prods Germany Over NATO, but Touts Merkel Meeting
A day after meeting with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Donald Trump tweeted that her country owes “vast sums of money” to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the U.S.
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London Calling: Ex-Rocker Leads Capital's Financiers Into Brexit Battle
As lord mayor—the City of London’s cheerleader-in-chief—in the Brexit era, organ-playing ex-rocker Andrew Parmley pulls out the stops for British financiers to win over investors.
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France Launches Terror Investigation Into Airport Attack
A man who shouted “I’m here to die for Allah” was shot dead after grabbing a soldier’s rifle at Paris’s Orly airport, unnerving a country that has been targeted repeatedly by terrorist attacks.
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U.S. Spars With China, G-20 Majors Amid Trade-War Fears
World finance chiefs clashed over the future of global trade, worried that protectionist tendencies could tilt the global economy back into the doldrums and stir up cross-border tensions.
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Osborne Is Appointed Editor of London's Evening Standard
Former U.K. Treasury chief George Osborne, who stepped down after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union last year, has been appointed editor of London’s Evening Standard newspaper.
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U.K. Says White House Pledged Not to Repeat Claim British Spied on Trump
The U.S. has assured the U.K. it won’t repeat allegations that the country’s GCHQ intelligence agency helped the previous presidential administration eavesdrop on President Donald Trump, a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said.
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Russia Pushes to Boost Arms Exports, Courts U.S. Clients
When Russian officials struck a deal with the United Arab Emirates last month to develop a cutting-edge combat plane, they sent a clear signal: Moscow is fighting to win back lost market share in arms exports and courting major U.S. customers.
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Merkel, Trump Face Host of Troubling Differences
The German chancellor meets her new American counterpart for the first time amid gaping differences over a host of trade and other policies clouding a vital trans-Atlantic relationship.
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The Parallels Between Brexit and Scottish Independence
Britain’s vote to sever its membership in the European Union has put the 310-year-old political union between England and Scotland in play, Stephen Fidler writes, and there is an irony in that.
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