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Asia News from The Wall Street Journal Online Sun - Apr, 30 2017

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National Security Chief Tells South Korea U.S. Will Pay for Defense System
The comments by Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster appeared to undo President Trump’s remark earlier that South Korea should pay for the Thaad system.
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Asean Backs Off China Confrontation at Summit
Southeast Asian nations skirted the thorny issue of territorial disputes in the South China Sea at a regional summit, coming at a time of uncertainty over U.S. engagement under the Trump administration and increasing determination by China to assert its claims.
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India's Cash Crackdown Prompts More to Pay by Phone
Following India’s crackdown on cash, millions of residents who never even used a credit card are leapfrogging into mobile, finding phone apps more accessible than plastic.
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My Escape From Anxiety
As rates for anxiety disorders rise, researchers are working to find more effective treatments. In the meantime, what can sufferers do? One woman’s experience.
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U.S. Push for Tougher North Korea Policy Faces Resistance
The Trump administration tried to unify world leaders behind a tougher approach toward North Korea, but risked finding itself more isolated amid stiff resistance from China and Russia. North Korea itself punctuated the debate later in the day by firing a ballistic missile.
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