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Asia News from The Wall Street Journal Online Thu - Jun, 29 2017

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Senior Vatican Official Charged With Sexually Abusing Children
Police in Australia have charged Cardinal George Pell, a senior official at the Vatican, with multiple counts of sexual offenses.
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Investors Say Beijing Enabled Unfair Trading by Chinese Banks
Regulators asked lenders to examine the loans of several conglomerates, a move that battered shares of a Dalian Wanda unit and drew criticism from investors and academics who say it gave the banks a trading edge.
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Toshiba Sues Western Digital in Bid to Keep Sale of Chip Unit Alive
Toshiba is racing to bring in $20 billion from the sale of its stake in Toshiba Memory.
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Markets Jittery as Central Banks Signal End of Easy Money
Easy money unleashed by global central banks is receding, a development that could test a range of assets—from stocks to real estate—that have grown tightly linked to monetary support since the financial crisis.
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Goodbye, Beijing: Chinese Immigrants Embrace Hong Kong Way of Life
In the 20 years since Britain gave Hong Kong back to China, a wave of immigrants from the mainland have flooded the city and they have become the newest protectors of local uniqueness.
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20 Years After Handover, China Looms Ever Larger Over Hong Kong Markets
From the ever-rising activity of China’s traders to the plethora of Chinese companies listing on Hong Kong’s stock exchange, China hangs over Hong Kong’s markets in a way few expect to dissipate in the coming years.
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Trump, South Korean President to Focus on North Korea at First Meeting
South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump are set to meet in Washington on Thursday for the first time, an early test of their relationship following several differences over key policies.
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