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World News from Washingtonpost.com Thu - Mar, 23 2017

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Four killed, 40 injured in vehicle and knife assault near British Parliament
British officials said there were multiple casualties in the knife and vehicle attack outside the British Parliament compound, including one police officer who was stabbed and died on the scene. Police shot and killed the assailant.
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U.S. investigates airstrike in Syria that activists say killed civilians
A school being used to shelter civilians fleeing violence was hit in Raqqa province.
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Jesus’ restored tomb is unveiled, well in time for Easter
Greek conservationists worked for nine months to clean and renovate the shrine above the cave believed to be his burial place. 
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Scottish Parliament to vote on calls for a second independence referendum
The vote will likely set the stage for a clash between the British prime minister and the first minister of Scotland.
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Britons are denouncing Donald Trump Jr.'s attack on London's mayor
One member of Parliament called Trump a "disgrace."
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This British MP desperately tried to save the dying police officer outside London's Parliament
The MPs were told to stay inside. One didn't listen.
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How ramming cars into crowds became a major terror tactic
The scary new reality: A terrorists can simply ram a vehicle into a crowd, causing mayhem and death.
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In Germany, right-wing violence flourishing amid surge in online hate
Conspiracy theories and online hate are stoking the surge in right-wing violence.
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'Piggy Bank,' the beloved sea turtle who swallowed 915 coins, is dead
She was to be released to the wild this week.
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North Korean missile explodes seconds after launch
The failure will reassure nations worried about the speed of Pyongyang’s missile development.
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Britain and U.S. ban most electronic devices in cabins on flights from several Muslim-majority countries
Security officials cite potential threats from terrorists seeking to hide explosives in laptops and other portable electronics.
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South Korea’s impeached president questioned for 14 hours amid corruption probe
The interrogation was the first time Park Geun-hye had answered questions about the scandal that led to her dismissal.
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A rebel push on Damascus shows that Syria’s war is far from over
The offensive surprised the government at a time when it thought it was winning the war.
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Small farmers struggle worldwide, but Palestinian farmers really have it rough
The Israeli occupation in the West Bank threatens centuries-old pastoral life, experts say.
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Martin McGuinness, former IRA commander turned statesman, dies at 66
He helped forge the Good Friday peace agreement and served as deputy first minister.
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New documents show Trump aide laundered payments from party with Moscow ties, lawmaker alleges
The documents released by a Ukrainian lawmaker claim Manafort laundered the payments through Belize.
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More than 6,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean amid surge on dangerous sea route
The International Organization for Migration sees signs of a “very busy” migrant flow as the weather warms.
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Her daughter was taught to think her Afro wasn’t ‘normal.’ So she created a billboard to change that.
London mother Lekia Lée launched a campaign to rent a billboard that would show young black girls their hair is beautiful, too.
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China uses facial recognition software to crack down on toilet paper theft
"They should have done this decades ago," said one local.
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UN: $864 million appeal for Somalia only 31 percent funded
The United Nations says the $864 million U.N. humanitarian appeal for Somalia where a worsening drought threatens millions of people with famine is only 31 percent funded.
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