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They fled Boko Haram and famine — and then they were forced back
These Nigerians were supposed to be protected by a global refugee system that is fraying.
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Amid Venezuela’s chaos, protesters ask: Was helicopter ‘attack’ rebellion or ruse?
Some suspect the brazen swoop over the Supreme Court building was cooked up by the government as a pretext for more crackdowns.
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Chinese activists investigating Ivanka Trump-linked factories released on bail 
The three — who now await trial — were detained in May while looking into labor practices at a factory making shoes for the Ivanka Trump label.
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NATO allies boost defense spending in the wake of Trump criticism
The estimated 4.3 percent increase came after Trump hit other members for shortfalls. But some of the spending hike was already in motion before Trump’s election. 
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As Trump plans France trip, some in Britain wonder: What about us?
Trump's long-mooted trip to London hasn't been confirmed yet.
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Venezuela may be sliding into a civil war
A bizarre helicopter incident highlights Venezuela's escalating crisis.
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A brutal sexual assault sparked riots in an Indian prison. Reports focused on a celebrity inmate instead.
In one Indian state, a person dies in prison every three days.
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Companies struggle to recover after massive cyberattack with ransom demands
Systems as far afield as Asia were hit, but the epicenter of the outbreak was in Ukraine.
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British prosecutors file new charges in 1989 Hillsborough Stadium tragedy that claimed 96 lives
The latest legal twist in the nearly three-decade struggle brought charges against six people, including a former police chief.
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Helicopter used for protest flight against Maduro, heightening Venezuela tensions
Coup rumors race as military deploys to “keep the peace.”
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Massive cyberattack hits Europe with widespread ransom demands
The hack hit Ukraine hardest Tuesday, but it also affected computers from Russia to New Jersey.  
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How a 91-year-old imam came to symbolize the feud between Qatar and its neighbors
This hard-line cleric has riled neighbors for years. Will Qatar be forced to shut him down?
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Chemical weapons activity monitored at Syrian air base, U.S. officials say
The announcement followed a White House warning that the Assad government would pay a “heavy price” for a new chemical attack.
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E.U. fines Google a record $2.7 billion in antitrust case over search results
Regulators say Google illegally steered users toward its shopping site. The company is weighing an appeal.
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For the seventh time this year, a Mexican journalist is slain
Armed men abducted local television journalist Salvador Adame Pardo in the violent Mexican state of Michoacán last month.
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U.S. urges China to allow jailed Nobel laureate to get cancer treatment abroad, but is it too late?
The case of Liu Xiaobo could test U.S.-China ties as Trump charts Asia strategy.
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North Korea at the top of agenda as South Korea’s new president comes to D.C.
Much will depend on the rapport between Trump and Moon during their first meeting.
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Britain to test schools and hospitals after 75 out of 75 high-rise buildings fail fire safety tests
The 100 percent failure rate comes as the government reckons with the fallout of a blaze at London’s Grenfell Tower that killed 79 people.
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Brazil’s president formally accused of corruption
Case against Michel Temer now goes to lower Chamber of Deputies in Congress.
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Top-ranking Vatican cardinal charged with sex offenses in Australia
The Vatican's treasurer is one of the highest-ranking clergy ever indicted for sexual offenses.
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