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The ANC is Mandela’s legacy. Now his granddaughter has renounced South Africa’s ruling party.
The movement that defeated apartheid is under fire for corruption and failing to help poor blacks.
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The long-anticipated return of Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is here
He speaks of seeking peace, but some worry his presence may disturb it.
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Under heavy security, Pope Francis celebrates Mass with thousands in Egypt
As helicopter gunships buzzed overhead, a jubilant crowd of 15,000 worshipers greeted the pontiff in a stadium.
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As the poor join protests, Venezuela may be hitting a turning point
They supported Chavez but are losing faith in President Nicolás Maduro.
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Turkey just banned Wikipedia, labeling it a 'national security threat'
It's the latest of the country's crackdowns on free speech and expression.
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Ayatollah Khamenei’s favorite underperformed in Iran’s first presidential debate
Hard-line cleric Ebrahim Raisi has the backing of the Islamic Republic's supreme leader, but he didn't impress while facing off against current President Hassan Rouhani and four others.
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Will terror-stricken Nice turn to Marine Le Pen for president?
Memories of last year's attack are still raw.
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Pakistan’s prime minister, having survived Supreme Court corruption ruling, now faces pressure to step down
A court-ordered investigation has been mandated to dig deeper into his family’s finances.
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Teen girls with stones are the new threat in India’s Kashmir conflict
In the restive territory, schoolgirls in headscarves and school uniforms have joined forces with male protesters in large numbers for the first time in recent memory.
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U.S. wants more U.N. sanctions over North Korea’s nuclear arms, warns time is short
Tillerson told diplomats the United States would hold direct talks with North Korea under strict conditions.
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North Korea fires another ballistic missile, the 75th of Kim Jong Un’s tenure
The missile exploded shortly after launch, but Kim’s ambitions are clear.
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Pope Francis denounces religious extremism, calls for tolerance during Egypt visit
Heavy security was in place for the papal visit three weeks after Palm Sunday church attacks that killed dozens of people.
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Trump: ‘We may terminate’ U.S.-South Korea trade agreement
Trump called the Korea accord “a horrible deal” and vowed to renegotiate better terms or withdraw.
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Worried about North Korea? Spare a thought for Otto Warmbier’s family.
The parents of the detained student say they want the U.S. government to push harder for his release.
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Two U.S. troops die battling Islamic State militants in eastern Afghanistan
The deaths took place in restive Nangahar province, where the Islamic State is defending safe havens.
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In South Korea, mystification over Trump’s defense and trade comments
The president unexpectedly said South Korea would have to pay for a missile defense system.
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Among Trump aides, Mattis emerges as a key voice on national security issues
Trump has shown a willingness to embrace positions advocated by the retired Marine general.
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Trump now says he would check with China before another call with Taiwan’s president
Seeking help on North Korea, the U.S. president is now more careful to avoid ruffling Chinese feelings over Taiwan.
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Marine Le Pen rarely mentions gender issues, unless she’s talking about Muslims
The French presidential candidate ‘uses the gender card to her own advantage’ by stigmatizing Muslims.
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ASEAN leader Philippines go easy on China over sea disputes
The Philippines followed up a summit of Southeast Asian leaders by releasing a final communique Sunday that removed mention of international concerns over China’s “militarization” of newly built islands in the disputed South China Sea in a major concession to Beijing.
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