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News from BBC, United Kingdom Sat - Jul, 22 2017

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BBC News - Home
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Sean Spicer quits: White House press secretary plays down 'row'
Donald Trump's spokesman is said to have resigned over the hiring of a new communications director.
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New press chief apologises to Trump
The former Wall Street financier said he was sorry for calling Mr Trump a "hack politician" in 2015.
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Three Israelis stabbed to death in West Bank attack
The victims were stabbed to death in an attack on a house in a West Bank settlement.
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Justine Damond shooting: Police chief Janee Harteau quits
Minneapolis mayor says she lost confidence in the chief after officers killed an Australian woman.
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Prince George photo marks fourth birthday
The picture was taken at Kensington Palace at the end of June, ahead of his birthday on Saturday.
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Afghan police killed in US friendly-fire air strike
The US says it will investigate the incident in Helmand, where 16 policemen were reportedly killed.
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Venezuela row as National Assembly appoints judges
The government refuses to recognise the opposition-controlled body's Supreme Court appointments.
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Qatar emir calls for negotiations to ease Gulf boycott
Sheikh Al Thani says "we are open to dialogue" in his first address since four neighbours cut ties.
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UK to bring in drone registration
Drone owners will also be required to pass a safety awareness test.
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Linkin Park cancel North American tour after Chester Bennington death
The tour has been cancelled following the death of singer Chester Bennington on Thursday.
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North Korea tourism: US to ban Americans from visiting
The State Department says the ban, following the death of a US student, will be published next week.
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Jessie Stocks receives thousands of postcards worldwide
Jessie Stocks, ill with leukaemia, gets a worldwide response after a social media plea by her mum.
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China holds Canadians 'for smoking marijuana'
Officials reportedly entered a hotel room where members of a travelling equestrian show were staying.
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Murdered girl's family beg for US visa to attend funeral
AbbieGail Smith's loved ones fear they will not be allowed to attend her funeral on Sunday.
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Bosnia's pupils fight ethnically divided education
Meet Bosnia's pupils who are fighting against a deeply divided education system based on religious lines.
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Reality Check: Is Brexit inevitable?
How the law, politics and practicalities could affect the process of the UK leaving the EU.
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Russian violinist fined $8 for protesting
Andrey Osipov has been put on trial twice for participating in a protest in March.
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The week's best news pictures
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
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C-Turtle: The landmine-detecting robot 'turtle'
The disposable robot is made from cardboard and powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero computer.
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Hidden Victorian reservoir revealed in Nottingham
The 160-year-old underground reservoir serves about 150,000 people in Nottingham.
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